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Could i be pregnant?

me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex one day but i decided that it was for teh best that we stop... He smokes alot of marijuana and my last period was on may 3...making my ovulation date the week of 16th-23rd...we had sex on the 21st, but he didnt (go) and we stopped after around 5 minutes...could i still be pregnat?
Better check with your doctor. There is always that chance, and to be sure, get professional advice.

Yes,there is a slight possibility,cause 1 single sperm cell has 200 in it,and just one can get you pregnant.I think you might wanna go see a doctor and get a ultrasound.:)
just because he "didn't (go)", doesn't mean you have no chance of being pregnant. similar to the common myth of the "withdrawal method"... there is leakage during sex, so theres a possibility you are pregnant. You should check with your GP
Anytime you have sex you run the risk of pregnancy. It may be possible with a low likely hood that you are pregnant because you had sex during your ovulation time. just because he didn't fully ejaculate doesn't mean that some semen/sperm didn't drip out and enter your uterus, only need one, though in all honestly, takes a number to actually do the job. I hope that you're not and that this serves as a warning to be safe in the future.
~Yes, anytime you have unprotected sex, you can get PREGNANT. I'm sure some of the sperm escaped. Always use a condom, always!~

Condoms. My guy says the second he puts one on his penis goes flat. what can he do?

My guy had the same problem. What i do is tease until he is as hard as he can get then he puts one on and it is great. You will be surprised how your sexlife will change with all the little or big facts you learn about your partner. If that dont work... i am sorry.
find a hotter babe!
a better question is what can he not do :P, ok he cant do much really
it may help if he was with a chick on the pill
Some people can cope some people can鈥檛 I hate them but if I am with someone new I would defo use one.

You could go on the pill.
stop lying to you. have you actually witnessed this happen? is it because they are too thick? try Kimono's they are the thinnest I've found, and work amazingly
Tell him if its not on then its not on. He may be just using it as an excuse to not use a condom. Most guys don't like using them by choice but are still OK because it means we don't get any if we don't. Tell him to maybe use a thinner one so he feels more or even better you put it on for him. if you do it sexually then it should keep him hard.
give good suck it will be very effective
practice putting them on and wearing it. he's just trying to have sex wirth you without wearing one.
put lubricant on him and work it in well than put it on him
I've never had this problem, but it is hotter if the woman puts it on. That should do the trick!
If you think this is a ploy to have sex with out one make sure you tell him that it's not on, unless its on

I agree that condoms are a real mood stopper but if you help him by putting it on I 'm sure it will help him to stay up

Condoms question?

My girlfriend and I are planning to have sex. It is both of ours first time. I need the magnum sized condom but she won't have sex unless we use a spermicidal condom... which is not in magnum size. So which condom do I choose?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
thumbs up for wanting to protect yourselves! try buying spermicidal lubricant separately and adding a drop or two inside the condom. actually, though, research indicates that non-spermicidal condoms are equally effective to those with spermicide as long as they are used correctly. this means that you don't rip or tear them, there is enough natural or water-based lube so as not to break them, and you pinch the air out of the tip when putting it on. also, spermicide can be very irritating.

i would highly suggest that your girlfriend consider hormonal borth control, such as the pill, patch, shot or ring, in addition to condoms. perhaps you should both visit a local family planning clinic to discuss all of your options. they often have many forms of contraceptived available at low cost and can give you advice. congratulations on being responsible and enjoy!
If you don't use the correct size, the condom could burst or tear. She can buy spermacid in either foam, vaginal inserts or jelly. Please, be sure to follow the instructions carefully/
Spermicidals in a condom is just an extra feature. Any condom is sufficient as long as it is made in latex. Use water based personal lubricants like K-Y Jelly or Astroglide. Do not use oil based lubricants like baby oil, lotions, petroleum jelly and others. This can irritate the vagina and damage the condom.

If she wants to be sure, she should have sex with you just after her menstrual period. There is a certain number of days after which a woman is infertile and can not be become pregnant.

Check with fertility clinics.
Trojan ENZ has spermicide

Damn they don't sell them anymore! Shows how long its been since i've bought them, I used to get them all the time, sorry!
use the magnum size
you can buy spermicidal foam or patches, or spray to use with it
A condom should fit like a glove. Not too tight but not so loose it can fall off either. you know your body better than anyone else. Using the wrong size condom (too big OR too small) is not safe.

Also not always safe is the spermicide nonoxynol-9.

lifestyles and other brands offer a variety of sizes. you can also get separate spermicidal jelly or foam to use with the condoms you already use.

Condom sizes? Are condoms meant to be put on when you're sort of soft?

OK I'm not really a big guy length wise, maybe 7 inches, but I have a pretty big head, maybe about as big arounds as a golf ball, maybe even slightly bigger than that when I'm fully hard, but it's almost impossible for me to get a condom on when I'm completely hard. So are condoms meant to be put on when you're soft? So they stretch to fit tight? Or do I need a bigger condom? I know about like Trojan XL's and Magnums, but I always thought those were for over 8" long... is there a certain point in width where you need a condom like that or do they make a condom for wider penises?
First of all, your penis is above-average in length, and your dick head is gi-normous, so cut the false modesty about not being "a big guy length". Second, you need to be rock hard when you put on the condom. Third, stick with what you know, condom-wise, and use the ones you got off at Ebay as balloons at your next bachelor party. With a dick that big, you probably aren't a bachelor, though, are you?
wait til its hard n if ur that clueless do us all a favor n dont have sex with any real ppl
I don't understand your question..
move on up to the gold pkg trojan magnum's . safe sex is always better than the alternative wich is no sex because of a screaming baby or even worse twins
Ignore the idiotic answers. I would try a magnum. You are supposed to put the condom on when you are completely hard. Congratulations on being RESPONSIBLE and screw what other's say. Ask as many questions s you want!
Sounds like you just need a larger condom. You may not need it in legth wise. But in width wise you might,try the Xlg.s...
Shyra W.
yup go with the the over size dont wont it to split
Try a female condom. It's designed to fit any penis...
hey mark yor too ugly

Condom problem..?

I am a 26 year-old married male, and recently my wife has gone off the pill, so we are using condoms instead. I have never used them before, and I was wondering how tight should they feel? It feels like its squeezing my "member" really hard, and that I can't ejaculate because the "ring" or end of the condom is pinching the urethra closed... Need help or correction on this matter.
My wife also got off the pill several years ago due to doctor's orders. We went the condom route as i wasn't ready for a vasectomy. I also had the same problem as you with the condoms being too tight to the point that they were uncomfortable. If you shop around a bit you will find that they come in sizes. I chose the Trojan Large size, not for the length but for the increase in circumference. The large size is 20% bigger in circumference than the regular size. It works just fine, doesn't slip off, and doesn't feel so restricting. If you are built like a Pringles can they also come in extra large size which is even bigger in circumference. The condom should be a snug fit but not to the point it restricts blood flow or restricts the semen flow during ejaculation.
no tight but not the middle ask ur doctor or ur wife wwhen ur having sex if it feels ask stragers on yahoo
Any children in mind for the future? If not, the "vas" procedure is very much recommended to cure all problems such as this.
Definitely tight... not too much, because it could break... but tight enough that it does not fall off by itself and no fluids can pass... you'll get used to the feeling. Always be careful that it doesn't break while having sex... ooh, and never use two condoms!
carefully choose a comdom size small,medium,or the box before purchsing,,,,,good luck on your size [ed]
STOP using them if that is happening it could cause sperm to go into your urin which can be a problem when you want to have a kid. try a bigger condom
omg dude are you serious?..lmao

Condom Machines in Northampton MA?

Hi I am doing a research project on safe sex amount teen. Besides truck stops, where are places to find condom machines in this city. Many teens are afraid to go to a store because they are embarrassed. This is one of the alternatives.
Some bar rooms have them also strip clubs.But i wounldn;t recomened buying the ones out of a machine.i have heard some stories that The person who fills the machine up has poked holes in them with a needle.
Order them on the Internet...Ya your right I understand that most kids don't have credit cards.Go to Condom They take checks and money orders, they got an address you can mail them to on the web sight..I just checked...If you can't send a check all you have to do is go to a store where you can buy money orders..(here in my state of WA you can get them at Safeway,Fred Myers,I think Wall mart even sells them) then send it in...Hope this helps ya.I would much rather go threw the Embarrassment of buying condoms than getting an STD or knocking up a chick.after the 1st time you buy them it's no big me.just go to a male cashier at Wall mart...They won't say a word .Trust me ...

Condom Help?

How do you correctly put a condom on? Need a little help. Thanks in advance.
Ok, I am trained to give these kind of instructions but its much better to give a demonstration...please do not try to put it on any way it fits...things go horribly wrong that way...I can't be responsible for you following the instructions wrong...go to a Sex Clinic or ask a sex advisor at your school they're always willing to help (they'd rather do that than you get someone pregnant or get an STD).
read the directions in the package
let your partner blow it like a balloon
if you need to ask you don't need to be having sex

grow up!
your a kid.

you souldnt even be having sex untill your maried.
show you have some balls and grow some self control.

why even want to try if you dont know how to put it on.

did you know the aids virus is smaller then the holes in condoms..yeah, it couldnt stop aids if it wanted to.
but hay, STD's, risk of AIDS, moments of fun, lifetime of regret..Sure thats what Iwant.
To show my love to my future wife by throwing away the best gift I could ever give her, my virginity.
squeeze and hold the tip as you roll it down
Place on tip, roll down smoothly. Not rocket science, but always make sure you have it right side up before puttin on the tip. Certainly you need to get some and practice before whipping it out and making a fool of yourself in front of some lucky girl.
place it on the head and pul it down untill it stuck on there
Many put it on wrong, so this is a good question. Make sure to leave empty space and not air at the tip. Do this by pinching the tip of the condom to leave a bit of latex unstretched. Then roll the condom down the shaft to the base of your penis. Remember to hold it at the base when withdrawing after ejaculation. Always be safe and use a condom. There's no other way.

Condom Help?

Just a few questions i hope can be answered.
-do non-lubricated condoms work as good as lubricated ones?

-before its unraveled does the bubble part point towards or away from the tip.

-does the condom look dorta wrinkly on the penis or shud it be perfectly straight

-is it easy/better to withdraw from the person before cuming

-whats the chance it will break

-whats the chance it will break from movement rather than poor care.

-is it bad to put water outside the condom before sex.

-are they usually tough

-i heard some people unravel them then put it on is this bad?

-The bubble points away from the tip.

-Once the condom is on an erect penis it should be smooth and sleek on the penis.

-It doesn't matter but for added protection you can hang onto the top of the condom when pulling out to make sure that it doesn't slip off.

-Condoms are made out of strong materials unless using lamb skin condoms so they should not break. Also make sure your condom is not old and make sure you don't carry it in your pocket or wallet for long periods of time the heat from your body is not good for the condom.

-Water shouldn't hurt.


- No, do not unravel before putting it on. Hold the condom with your thumb and index finger buy the little point. The unroll the condom onto the penis. Holding the point while putting the condom on allows room for the semen to go later.
withdrawing before ejaculation without a condom is not safe. precum may have some sprm so you still have a chance of getting a girl pregnant. You are suppossed to unravel it as it is going on the penis.

Common male infection - almost like 'thrush'...?

but isnt, it produces something similar to a rash on the genitals...what is it, any ideas?
It's probably only thrush so just go to the pharmacy and get yourself an over the counter remedy. Nothing to be embarrassed about - thrush is so common in both men and women. Are you sure it isn't just a sweat rash?
Knob rot? Just kidding, probably thrush - men can get it too.
It might be a UTI
I think its a yeast infection a guy gets,,,,


If your penis is swollen, intensely itchy and very red, you probably have thrush (also known as candida, a yeast). Occasionally this can be the first sign of diabetes, so check with your doctor. It is cured with antifungal cream or tablets.
You got the CLAP *LOL*
it's thrush honey, men can get it too
get yourself to a doctor. It could be an alergy, or std.
could be simple jock itch, superficial fungus infection, easy to treat.
Do you mean jock itch? It is a fungal infection like athlete's foot
Iv never heard of that to be honest, doesnt sound very nice though.


what is it and describe the procedure
Basically, a thin wire-based camera is inserted into your rectum and large intestine. The physician examines whatever he means to examine, and then the camera is removed.

The procedure takes very little time and is completely painless -- you're under general anesthesia. I underwent it once and it was the easiest surgical procedure I've ever undergone.
This procedure is best described by a doctor, if he wants you to have it get it done
it's a procedure that takes a flexible camera tiny, and goes up into your colon via your rectum. while the procedure is taking place you should be asleep, it doesn't hurt ask your doctor to give you diprivan to put you to sleep. it's over before you know it and the doctor can tell if you have any cancer or polyps in your colon, it's a life saver and soooo easy. the only thing uncomfortable is the clean out of the bowels before you have this and that is by taking something to cause you to have many loose stools it's individualized by your doctor. so go for it and don't be afraid. it may save your life. and good luck
Colonoscopy is the minimally invasive endoscopic examination of the large colon and the distal part of the small bowel with a CCD camera or a fiber optic camera on a flexible tube passed through the anus.

The first step is usually a digital rectal examination, to examine the tone of the sphincter and to determine if preparation has been adequate. The endoscope is then passed though the anus up the rectum, the colon (sigmoid, descending, transverse and ascending colon, the cecum), and ultimately the terminal ileum. The endoscope has a movable tip and multiple channels for instrumentation, air, suction and light. The bowel is occasionally insufflated with air to maximize visibility. Biopsies are frequently taken for histology.
my mother-in-law has had this done a few times as well as other fam. members. basically they stick a tube w/a camera on the end up your rear to see what's going on and take pics. sometimes (mil's case) it's b/c there's something going on that they need to check other times they just like you to have it done at a certain age just so they can keep tabs on your health. not fun-you have a restricted diet for a day or so before-mostly clear liquids and no red dye (that includes orange and purple) and they make you drink some stuff that makes you go so you clean your system out.

A colonoscopy preformed in CANADA, involves pen sized tube with a scope (camera) being put up you behind and threaded into you lower bowel, usually done to find tumors (both benign and cancerous) or lesions (cuts). This procedure can be completed with both sedation and without sedation.. The sedation usually used (unless alergies are present) is Valium, Demerol, and versaid. The combination of these 3 drugs take you to a happy place. you are not put out like for surgery. You should not have any memory of the procedure being done. The bowel empting prep that you have to take the day before the procedure is the worst part of the whole procedure. The actual colonoscopy takes less that 20 minutes.
Basically, they stick a camera snake up your colon to look for polyps, diverticulitis and the early signs of colon cancer.

It is not fun, for you have to cleanse your bowels (which means to need to have an enema) and you must stop eating for at least 24 hours before the procedure.

Can you imagine the guy who does this for a living all day long?

"Man, did I make a bad career move!"
Colonoscopy is the minimally invasive endoscopic examination of the large colon and the distal part of the small bowel with a CCD camera or a fiber optic camera on a flexible tube passed through the anus. It may provide a visual diagnosis (e.g. ulceration, polyps) and grants the opportunity for biopsy or removal of suspected lesions. Virtual colonoscopy, which uses 2D and 3D imagery reconstructed from computed tomography (CT) scans or from nuclear magnetic resonance (MR) scans, is also possible, as a totally non-invasive medical test, although it is not standard and still under investigation regarding its diagnostic abilities. Furthermore, virtual colonoscopy does not allow for therapeutic maneuvers such as polyp/tumor removal or biopsy nor visualization of lesions smaller than 5 millimeters. If a growth or polyp is detected using CT colonography, a standard colonoscopy would still need to be performed. Colonoscopy can remove polyps smaller than one millimeter. Once polyps are removed, they can be studied with the aid of a microscope to determine if they are precancerous or not. Colonoscopy is similar but not the same as sigmoidoscopy. The difference between colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy is related to which parts of the colon each can examine. Sigmoidoscopy allows doctors to view only the final two feet of the colon, while colonoscopy allows an examination of the entire colon, which measures four to five feet in length. Often a sigmoidoscopy is used as a screening procedure for a full colonoscopy.


Colonoscopy what are some side effects from this procedure?

An achey o-ring
Unless they mess it up, there are none.
the operator could probe too hard and rupture intestines.

the operator could pass an infection if the parts are not cleaned well.
Other than the discomfort preparing for the test, I did not have any side effects. Once it is over you can eat and you are back to normal routine in a couple of hours.
The drugs they use to make you unconscious can make you have black outs (periods that you can't remember) for a while. There may also be some rectal pain afterwards. You should have someone accompany you and drive you home afterwards.
Rarely, some people experience severe abdominal pain, fever, bloody bowel movements, dizziness, or weakness afterward.
I don't know that there are any. My significant other had one a year ago and other than having to drink what he described as the most disgusting thing he had to ingest, he never complained of any side effects, and I'd have heard, believe me.
gas, you will have some after, and a sticky butt from the lube.
Otherwise there should be none, they will advise you of the possibility of puncture during porceedure, but its a minimal risk and it is probably very un likely. The worst thing is drinking the colyte the night before. You should be pretty much sedated and not feel a thing
Gas, embarrassment, on a whole if there's a tear they can fix it, if there's a polyp they can remove it. And although they say you will be awake most people don't remember being awake .
mental relief that everythings going ok in there and
you won't have to have it done again for awhile.

Colon and prostate?

What is the difference between the two?
Colon: The division of the large intestine extending from the cecum to the rectum.

Prostate: A chestnut-shaped body, surrounding the beginning of the urethra in the male, that consists of two lateral lobes connected anteriorly by an isthmus and posteriorly by a middle lobe lying above and between the ejaculatory ducts. In structure, the prostate consists of 30鈥?0 compound tubuloalveolar glands between which is abundant stroma consisting of collagen and elastic fibers and many smooth muscle bundles. The secretion of the glands is a milky fluid that is discharged by excretory ducts into the prostatic urethra at the time of the emission of semen.
Big one. Prostate is what secrets the "milk" that turns sperm into semen. Colon is a part of the rectum that helps with digestion and excrements.
A pr贸stata um 贸rg茫o exclusivo do sexo masculino. Est谩 localizada abaixo da bexiga, na frente do reto. No homem adulto, a pr贸stata tem o tamanho aproximado de uma ameixa, pesando cerca de 20 gramas. Ela envolve a uretra, que conduz para fora a urina que se acumula na bexiga.

A pr贸stata 茅 uma gl芒ndula que faz parte do sistema reprodutor do homem, produzindo (secretando) um l铆quido que se junta 脿 secre莽茫o da ves铆cula seminal para formar o s锚men (esperma) e auxiliar no transporte dos espermatoz贸ides, produzidos nos test铆culos at茅 a sua ejacula莽茫o durante o orgasmo. 脡 tamb茅m dentro dela que ocorre a transforma莽茫o do principal horm么nio masculino - a testosterona - em diidrotestosterona, que, por sua vez, 茅 respons谩vel pelo controle do crescimento dessa gl芒ndula.


Origem: Wikip茅dia, a enciclop茅dia livre.
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O c贸lon 茅 a maior por莽茫o do intestino grosso, sendo, por vezes, estes termos utilizados erradamente como sin贸nimos.

O c贸lon 茅 dividido em c贸lon ascendente, transverso, descendente e sigm贸ide. 脡 respons谩vel pela absor莽茫o da 谩gua das fezes, tornando-as consistente.

O adjectivo col贸nico 茅 relativo ao c贸lon.

Este 贸rg茫o pode ser alvo de v谩rias doen莽as como adenomas, adenocarcinomas, diverticulose e colite ulcerosa, entre outras.

N茫o sendo imprescind铆vel 脿 vida, pode ser completamente removido atrav茅s de cirurgia, por茅m com diminui莽茫o da qualidade de vida, passando o paciente a conviver com uma ileostomia.

Cold hands?

Theres not much more to say. I have basically really cold hands. It's rather embarrassing when I shake someone's hand, when it feels like they're shaking frosty the snowman's.

What can I do?
Have your blood-pressure checked, your blood-pressure may be lower that usual.

Which won't make your hands not cold, but at least you will know why... as a bonus, if your blood pressure is lower than usual (up to a point, of course) you are probably less prone to a whole host of health issues as you age. (If your pressure is more that moderately low you could have hypo-tension, a more serious low bloodpressure problem.)
frosty's hands r probably wet
Bad Circulation of Blood through youre Body. There is the possibility of low Blood Pressure. Probably Aneamic no Iron in Body. Old Persons Problem usually, Get checked out by your Doctor. Its just as bad as high Blood Pressure. Do not Delay as it could be serious.

Clean Sperm?

How long do you think it takes for weed to get out of a man's sperm..
It dosnt acctualy get in its "Sperm" I dont think...When you smoke or eat weed it relses THC into your brain and only after 30 days will it be completly gone (I think that long) and if you take a drug test it will show in your urin... Dose that answer your question?
how long does it take to get out of sperm?? How did it get in there?
it lowers a man's sperm count,never heard of it in the sperm, it takes 30 days to get out of your urine
weed does not grow in the sperms.


Im 18 and wont to get circumsized. Is It a good idea?
It thats they way you want it, then do it. There is no medical rational to getting circumcised, unless you have phimosis. At 18 you would know if you had it by now.
ya it helps with some medical issues, but i would think that i would hurt like hell.
It will hurt and there is no reason you actually have to.
Your call. Most "facts" about circumsizing are fake. The girls i've been with LOVE the fact that i'm uncut
dude, what about the sex?
yeah it takes away bacteria, that the foreskin holds. It only takes a week to heal (well the pain part anyway), maybe longer to have sex.
well if it is 4 the ladies they will like it. well i do. but it will hurt so much!
cutting off a piece of your penis
for no apparent reason?
...that would be dandy.
Don't . You know i had the best sex of my life with a non-circumsized guy. 陌 asked the doctor and he said it wasn't a coinsidence ;)
To be or not to be; that is the question. Just do it dude. Whats the worst that could happen? you get an infection and your penis swells up like a watermelon. But nothing like penicillin to help that. Girls like giving oral pleasure to boys who dont have extra skin there
I got circumsized at like 14 because the doctor recommended it and man I was in the worst pain ever for about a week.
Typically in most females surveyed, circumsizes penises are more attractive and more arousing that penises with foreskin.

I believe that it would be worthy of your time just for asthetic reason and for any lady interests you might have.

And the risk of infection or complications of the surgical procedure is very low, with just a modicum of care and time.

Go balls out dude.
Yea! Do it!
Unless there is some medical reason I would sugest dont do it. It is also painful.
hell yeah, its a great idea! many people will hurt but it doesnt, it just feel a little uncomfortable for about a week. i got circumcised when i was 19, becuase i hated my uncurcimcised penis. the foreskin always traped olde urine and semen, and cuasing it to give off an oder. i got tired, and scheduled an appointment for a circumcision. when my appointment date came i was put to sleep and i woke up with a slight pain. my penis was swollen at the tip and had stitches all around the tip. it was like this for about a week when i was finally able to take out my stitches. i still couldnt have sex for a month, but when every thing healed i could but i lost sensitivity at the tip which can be a flaw.
Consider the following before you do it. Once you have it done you can't go back. I have a friend who had it done for 'looks' and now regrets it, for example. Ultimately you have the advantage of being able to choose.

Circumcision = loss of sensitivity study,2933,2855...

Higher erectile dysfunction rates after circumcision:

When women didn't know what penis they were dealing with (circumcised or uncircumcised) 9 out of 10 preferred uncircumcised (study).

Foreskin anatomy and function (keeps the glans soft and protects it, etc).

Circumcision is extremely painful.

The USA is the last advanced nation doing it, but rates have fallen down from over 90% in the 1960s to as low as 21% here in California currently. From CNN:

Circumcision was actually promoted in the USA at first to stop masturbation (in hopes of it being tight enough to require lubes and not have skin to slide since the foreskin is already moist)

USA = highest HIV rates in advanced nations (and highest circumcision rates). CIA statistics:

And a new study that basically trashes in its conclusion the findings of other studies that said that circumcision 'reduced HIV'.

Worldwide circumcision rates:

And discussion of common circumcision benefit myths and discussion of all the risks that can develop over time and negative side effects (buried penis, meatal stenosis, etc):
Ive had sex with both types and prefer uncircumcized. Id leave it alone if its fine. I just find them easier to pleasure since you use the skin and dont need lubes.
No its not a good idea. There are many risks of the operation. it looks worse, you loose sensitivity in the penis, you need lube to ****/have sex and it hurts like hell.

keep it natural just like 80% of the worlds men. Any cut guy who says you should get it done is just envious that he is missing nearly 2/3 of the most sensitive skin on his penis. To anybody who says its cleaner-just make sure you wash it like any part of you body. check out the web and it will show you many reasons not to get it done.

People also say that it helps with aids. well how come that affrica has a high rate of male genital mutilation/circumsision but has the highest rate of aids? If it made it easier to get aids by being natural then europe that has nearly all men natural who be full of aids.
No, what's the point? It will hurt and make you different. There is no reason for it, not only that but there are no conclusive studies that it is better in any way (cleaner like some people proof if you wash every day.) Why do you want to do it? Girls aren't so shallow that it depends on that. And if they are like that, they're idiots. Move to Europe (if you're not there already) where most people aren't circed.
I was 18 and got circumcised and would NEVER want a foreskin again! Sex cut is much better than with a foreskin! With a foreskin you are basically just masturbating inside your partner, when you are circumcised you feel inside your partner and you also stimulate them more! I was done with a local at the doctors office, was out of commission for 30 days (which sucked). Well worth all the hassle!
If you mean to say you "want" to get circumcised, there's a few questions you should ask yourself. Do you have any physical/medical problems with your foreskin? Does your foreskin feel good/give you pleasure? Do you maintain good genital hygiene and practice safe sex? If your answers are like "no" to the first and "yes" to the rest, it's probably not a good idea to get circumcised.

Circumcision removes a lot of the nerve endings in the foreskin, nerve endings that may otherwise contribute to sexual sensitivity (link 1). Also, several studies indicate that the foreskin may be beneficial in the sexual satisfaction/pleasure of not only the guy, but the girl as well (links 2, 3, 4).

So it probably won't feel as good (for you or your partner) after circumcision compared to before. As long as your foreskin works normally, you keep it clean, and you practice safe sex, there's no good reason to get circumcised because you probably won't benefit from it.
I don't think you want to do this. There are people here that may have had it done and think it is all OK, but they will regret it when they are older. It is not a coincidence that this whole country needs Viagra to get things to work. The circumcision has robbed them of so much feeling over the years that they can not feel anything any more.
This is not a good idea. I did not care that I was clipped when I was young. I would give anything not to be clipped now.
You may e-mail me from my profile if you like.


Is it true that when you are circumcised you have 60% chance of not contracting the HIV virus.

If you are going to joke about it, please do not answer.

Thank you
Well, who knows about dirty undeveloped countries where hygiene is a problem, but I do know that the USA is the advanced nation with the highest rate of HIV and AIDS, and we have the highest rate of circumcision, too. (see CIA link below). In addition, a new study has suggested that the study that promoted this was false. You can see that one here:

Risks of circumcision:

Circumcision = loss of sensitivity study,2933,2855...

Higher erectile dysfunction rates after circumcision:

When women didn't know what penis they were dealing with (circumcised or uncircumcised) 9 out of 10 preferred uncircumcised (study).

Foreskin anatomy and function (keeps the glans soft and protects it, etc).

Circumcision is extremely painful.

The USA is the last advanced nation doing it, but rates have fallen down from over 90% in the 1960s to as low as 21% here in California currently. From CNN:

Circumcision was actually promoted in the USA at first to stop masturbation (in hopes of it being tight enough to require lubes and not have skin to slide since the foreskin is already moist)

USA = highest HIV rates in advanced nations (and highest circumcision rates). CIA statistics:

Worldwide circumcision rates:

And discussion of common circumcision benefit myths and discussion of all the risks that can develop over time and negative side effects (buried penis, meatal stenosis, etc):
not true. in Africa many men are cut and it has the highest rate of aids. there is nothing wrong with a uncircumcised penis. it is natural and just great. check out this link and it will tell you all need to know
I've seen summaries of studies on websites before that showed that it did help in lowering the chance of contracting HIV, however, protection is your best friend, not circumsicion.

Btw, just web search "HIV + Circumsicion" and you'll get 12 differnt articles on it on the first page, all of them on part with what you said (i just checked).

If you are not circumcised, do yourself a favor and don't go get a circmsicion, it is torture (unbearable pain for a while buddy).
Cleanliness is definitely improved with it.
This is another myth about circumcision. Soap and water keep it clean. Safe sex with condoms improve your chances of not getting HIV virus..stay real ;)

A lot of the information perpetuated about it preventing diseases is false.
The study that you are less susceptible to aids if you are circumcised is flawed. Here is a discussion of the report and its methodology by "Doctors Opposing Circumcision": http://www.doctorsopposingcircumcision.o... .

Have a read through their statement. It is very informative. It shows the methodological flaws and poor conclusion in the report that the WHO has jumped upon. Everything is aptly sourced.

Men may often feel a need to justify their own circumcision by the generation of claims of health benefits.[ ]
"The medical literature is full of protective claims for various diseases, such as sexually transmitted disease , male and female cancers, and urinary tract infection. All such claims have been disproved."[ http://www.doctorsopposingcircumcision.o... ]

"The United States has one of the highest rates of male circumcision and also one of the highest rates of HIV infection in the developed world, suggesting that circumcision is having exactly the opposite effect. Conversely, Finland and Japan have some of the lowest rates of circumcision and also some of the lowest rates of HIV/AIDS."

Condoms have been proven to be an effective means of combating AIDS.

Hygiene and prevention of disease are among the commonest reasons cited for performing male circumcision. This directory contains references that examine the validity of these claims in detail:

"The glans of the circumcised penis is less sensitive to fine touch than the glans of the uncircumcised penis. The transitional region from the external to the internal prepuce is the most sensitive region of the uncircumcised penis and more sensitive than the most sensitive region of the circumcised penis. Circumcision ablates the most sensitiveparts of the penis." Circumcision cuts off the five most sensitive points from the penis [Touch test sensitivity experiment, British Journal of Urology 2007, copy of report: ].

The foreskin reduces the force required by the penis to enter the vagina while circumcision contributes to vaginal dryness. [ , ]
The foreskin also increases the sexual enjoyment of the female partner. [ ]

Circumcised males have a much higher rate of sexual dysfunction and premature ejaculation. [ ]
I'm not sure of the percentage you gave, but basically what you have been told is true. There are lots of arguments for and against circumcision, but I think the positives far out way the negatives. More STD's are contracted by uncircumcised males. More simply through lack of hygiene than anything else. It's just an area which is moist , under the foreskin, and bacteria just love damp, moist environments. I think if you use proper protection and keep the area well cleansed you should not have any problems. It is just not a viable proposition for all males to be circumcised, so you have to do the next best thing, which is cleanliness. There are also lots of men who cannot retract the foreskin over the head of the penis, (glans penis), so this can create problems as well, but mostly if you follow the hygiene rules you should be fine.
No. The research concluded in men WHO HAVE UNPROTECTED SEX with HIV positive women, that there is a 50% reduced risk of infection if you are circumcised. This is one study, and new studies are being conducted in other populations at the moment. These seem to suggest the results of the African study were exaggerated. Even if they aren't, it is a really BAD idea to have unprotected sex with strangers. Do you really want to gamble on a 50% chance of getting AIDS?
not true, you still have the equal chances of risk if you do not practise safe sex.
No. Absolute bunk. Most of the thousands of guys here in the US that have HIV are circumcised. Plus a lot of women have contracted it also. There was a study that suggested that circumcism in african males might reduce the # getting HIV, but since the rate of infection was nearly 100% those that did not could have some other immunity. Circumcism is a barbaric mutilation of the male body. Best way to avoid HIV is to have safe sex and safe partners.
Thats very true. New studies have proven circumcision gives you protection from HIV and STD's! Also cancer of the penis, Urinary tract infections and a host of other heathful things! It's a good thing!
There have been current studies published saying that circumcision may reduce HIV infection by up to 50-60%. Many people misconstrue this and misinterpret it. In reality, the probability of contracting HIV from sex is less than 40% regardless of circumcision status. What the studies mean is that circumcised men contract HIV 60% less than uncircumcised men.

But even here there's a point of debate. No one has conclusively shown why this might be so, and until then it's just a correlation and not a cause-effect. Also good genital hygiene of the foreskin and penis essentially negates this "benefit" of circumcision (link 1). As long as one maintains proper and prompt hygiene, there's not much difference between circumcised and uncircumcised men in regards to contracting HIV.

Also, a recent study has shown that circumcision doesn't actually do much to prevent/reduce HIV infections. The percentage of a nation's female population that are prostitutes play a much larger factor in the transmission rate of HIV (link 2).

And lastly, since the studies that seem to show a decreased rate of HIV for circumcised men were stopped early, one can't be sure if the rates wouldn't have been similar if they finished the study. So those studies can be iffy and indeed, there is still much debate (link 3).

So point in fact, if one doesn't have good hygiene, he doesn't practice safe sex, and he has sex with prostitutes, circumcision "might" help but chances are he'll get HIV anyway. Safe sex (i.e. condom use) and good hygiene are far better than circumcision at reducing/preventing HIV.


the pictures you guys showed me, scared me even more

what does the pain compare too, how long does it last, how long is the process

im 15
Just don't have it done! There are better ways of dealing with any "problems" you might have. If your doctor says it is necessary tell him, WRONG ANSWER! Then go find a good doctor! Actually needing to have your foreskin amputated is very very rare. Usually it just means the doctor is a money hungry quack. He makes more money by mutilating you than he can by perscribing a $5 a tube of ointment.

revenge: That is an interesting handle, because that is what I want. I want revenge on the bastard "doctor" that did this to me, but the S.O.B. is long dead so I am screwed out of that too. Best I can do is to wash the dust off his headstone, bet you can't guess how I will "hose" it off.
it dosnt hurt that much, just looks bad
I waslucky to have it done whenI was a baby I guess so can;t remeber a thing, however recently another young male asked about this in Answers and read several pages in the web and several answers otf young adults who had had it done around your age or older, all seemed to agree in the fact that it does not hurt much, I personally think that because of hygine is worth doing it, I also think ladies prefer circumcised men. It is ultimately you who decides, and don;t do it to please someone else or because of what anyone tells you do it if you YOU want to do it.
Make sure you get your parents approval if you decide to proceed with it.
Take care.
It may be done under perfect local anaesthesia. It may take 5-10 minutes. Afterwards you may need to take pain-reliever as it may hurt a bit. Specially you will take some sedatives so you don't get erections which may be painful till it has healed completely. Good luck!
PS- From hygiene point of view, it is not difficult and doesn't take more than a few seconds for pulling back the foreskin and cleaning it. When having sex, you will pull the foreskin back so your partner will always see it as if circumcised only. You decide considering all these points.
sry, i dont know.. just stalk up on Advil lol
are these people trying to scare you into keeping your foreskin. I've heard from many people it does not hurt much at all. There is only 1 part where it stings a little and that's it. there are so many benifits of being circumcised as well.
don't get it done. The small possible benefits of getting it done are far outweighed by leaving the way it was meant to be
Why are you thinking about it? There is no medical reason. A lot of girls (like me) prefer not circed. Google some surveys most people prefer sex that way too.


I know this might sound weird... but what's the whole point of circumcision? Why has it been going on for so long, and who ever even thought of removing the foreskin?

What's the procedure like? Are the babies anesthetized, and is it an actual surgery? How old are baby boys when they are circumcized? (American boys)

I guess I'm just confused on... what the whole point is...
Medically there is no real reason to be circumcised, it's been perpetuated by many religious and medical experts as being "cleaner" or more sanitary.
Religously being circumcised would mean that the little boy would spend less timecleaning himself and therefor less time "touching" himself if he were so inspired. Hebrews traditionally do it though because of the origin of thier people where in the desert it was cleaner to be circumcised.

IMO, it's still done medically because it's more $$$ in the pockets of some doctors. It is also done for a condition called phimosis which is a narrowing of the prepuce or foreskin can interfere with urination and cause infection.

Babies are given a local anesthetic and it is an actual surgery although a minor one. It the US babies are typically circumcised on the 3-5 day after birth.
circumcision just makes it look better, if that is possible lol, the babies are not put to sleep during the procedure and it is normally done right after birth. I don't really know who thought of it but it became mainstream to have it done. could you imagine the boys embarrassment at having to explain to his lover what that little thing on his penis is. totally mortifying.
American boys are usually circumcised when they're 2-4 days old, or at least within the first 2 weeks of life. I don't think it's considered surgery- well it's out-patient surgery. The Doctor can do it at the hospital or in the office. They use a topical anesthetic, but the babies still cry and are in pain. :(

It started as a Jewish tradition, a religious rite years and years ago. I think people have it done because of cleanliness and for looks. People want their son to look like "daddy" or like their friends. I've heard of a ton of boys getting made fun of that are uncircumcised in gym class or whatever.

One of my ex boyfriends was uncircumcised and to tell you the truth it was kinda gross except when he had an er*ction. I've heard that guys that are circumcised are smaller and don't have as much feeling- not sure if that's true though.
the point is to remove the foreskin. it is a religious tradition that started w/ Abraham... a long time ago. babies are not anesthetized because their nervous system isn't fully developed and it doesn't hurt that much. the baby boys are usually a few days old.
an uncircumsized friedn gave me a website, it should help with your question, and more!

(FYI, im actually a female, just wanted to see the secltions on the male avatars)
what is the point of being circumcised . that would be different for everyone. for the jews and muslims it is a requirment. for some it IS medically nessessary, conditions such as long term catheter use, paraphimosis and a few others some it is just preference be it cleanliness (obviously with the head exposed 24/7 it will be cleaner than a foreskin i mean unless you wash under it 20 times a day), visual appeal of it, sexual preference even (kinda like some people like things shaved below, others don't)
why for so long, different reasons thru out history, ancient egyptians believed to be the first 5000bc, they were living in dirty conditions, high humidity and no modern medicine, 'simple problems' solved with anti biotics and topical creams now days could become alot worse.
the procedure in modern medicine differs from doctor to doctor. yes now days babies are anesthetized, or should be, some still just offer it on request. most cases in america and australia no it is not an actual surgery, more so equivelent to getting a tooth pulled. can be circumcised anywhere from a few hours old anytime there after.

I, myself, was circumcised at 23, a few year ago. I don't know where some of these people get thier facts from but I researched it a little before i got it. it IS cleaner and easier. it IS better sexwise, well was for me and my g/f. haven't lost any sensitivity at all, altho do feel more during sex as skin doesn't move up and down over the head. and it DOES NOT hurt to get circumcised.
Circumcision = loss of sensitivity study,2933,2855...

Higher erectile dysfunction rates after circumcision:

When women didn't know what penis they were dealing with (circumcised or uncircumcised) 9 out of 10 preferred uncircumcised (study).

Foreskin anatomy and function (keeps the glans soft and protects it, etc).

Circumcision is extremely painful.

The USA is the last advanced nation doing it, but rates have fallen down from over 90% in the 1960s to as low as 21% here in California currently. From CNN:

Circumcision was actually promoted in the USA at first to stop masturbation (in hopes of it being tight enough to require lubes and not have skin to slide since the foreskin is already moist)

USA = highest HIV rates in advanced nations (and highest circumcision rates). CIA statistics:

Worldwide circumcision rates:

And discussion of common circumcision benefit myths and discussion of all the risks that can develop over time and negative side effects (buried penis, meatal stenosis, etc):

well, some people do or dont because of religious reasons. and the point? the foreskin is hard to keep clean, you need to wash under is regularly. i am circumcised, so i dont need ot worry about it.
The Jewish people do it as a command from God. There is no purpose for it other than that. The US is the only place that I know of that mutilate the male genitals. There is a topical anesthetic that is used but it still hurts. Try getting your labia caught in your zipper. That's what it would feel like.
Are you married and have boy babies and are needing an answer? The answer is that it is done for two reasons:
for cleanliness (so the boy doesn't have cleanliness problems in the future, and it's done at the hospital immediately after the child is born, it's minor surgery).and in some old religions it is done for religious reasons.

The whole point is that it is done for CLEANLINESS. If you were a boy you would understand that.
It has always been a Jewish tradition, but medically, it keeps bacteria from growing under the fold of the foreskin.
Circumcision was origanilly a jewish tradition. They started it so there children wouldnt be as sexualy aroused. When a penis has a forskin it is much more sensitive, so they figured if they chopped it off it would stop them from mastubating or having sex to early. Yep yep yep. And in some countries, they give females circumcisions as well, although I dont think its called that. But they cut off the clitorous so they wont feel sexual stimulation.. ouchie
according to jewish believes, it goes back to Abrahams time when he offered a part of his flesh to god. or he was ordered to do so. poeple who are not circu..d and don't keep it clean have higher chance of getting squamos cell carcinoma. It is a surgery and the baby is put under general anesthetic. it is really easy you just insert the instrument under it and pull the skin. then cut it and stich the left over skin to the shaft. jewsih people do it on exactly 8th day of birth (or 7th day)
truthfully, the bible says that men are to be circumsized.

plus, it is cleaner this way.

believe me, i have seen an uncircumsized one.

My brother was about a day old when his was done. I don't think they can even feel it. They are so small.

Circumcision, what does the pain compare to?

Circumcision, what does the pain compare to

how long does it last

can you compare it to some kind of pain so i can calm down

i have to get it done due to my religon, and dont be sarcastic, please be serious

and do they take the entire skin off or just the tip

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
you'll do fine. pain reliever will allow you to survive being cut. cheers!
HAving a window fall on your penis at hyper speed
I am sure the pain is intense, but can be managed with medication, all of the skin is removed to just under the corona of the penis. I don't know in adults but in babies there is a ring left in place till the penis heals.
Full recovery following adult circumcision may require four to six weeks of abstinence from all genital stimulation and sexual activity.

Also, you will have discomfort for about two days, the gland that is usually covered by the foreskin will adjust to its exposure and you won't feel much discomfort but it will still be there.

The pain will kind of be like cutting yourself and pouring alcohol into it but then again it's different to anyone who goes through this type of surgery. I'd just recommend not doing anything for the first couple of days.
Had a guy at work who had it done at 19yo. said hurt like hell and would not have had it done if he knew how much it hurt. Was sore for about 2 months after wards and says that sex is not as good now. Plus wanking is just not the same. needs lube all the time and still not as good. says he is already loosing sensitivity in the head because it is rubbing on his underwear all the time.

Best this is not to get it done. God put it there for a reason so why remove something that works perfectly well
its not a problem at all . it was painful about ten years ago when i got circumsized at age of 7 years, but not too much. they do it with genral or local ansthesia. there are two major techniques. first one that was old is to cut the skin near the head of penis and stitch the end to just below the cap of penis. not all the skin they leave sufficient amount of skin to allow erection. it heals in about 3 to 4 weeks but i remeber exaclty that pain only lasted for first day. then after that there was no pain if you dont anyway hit it. you need to be careful to save your penis from hitting any thing for 2 weeks until it heals.
the seond technique is latest and even more pain free . in this technique they have differnt sizes of penis rings. the size matching to you will be palced just near below portion of your penis head and slight cuts will be made in skin and trapped in ring. the skin automatically in a week or two becomes dead and removes away. this technique has no pain at all. but if you are living in a poor or third world country it may not be aviabable there, . but dont worry go for any technique avaliable , circusicion is not new and has been done from the start of human life on earth and even a single case is not reported that a person died or got any problem
from it. however many cases are reported of infection for those who are uncisrcumsized. so go for it as soon as possible. the religion never asks you any thing that is dangerous it is always useful for you to act on all religion orders. God has ordered to remove this skin so it will never be dangersous.
got it. i think it will help you and reliieve your tension
Dude its not bad! You will be sore for a few weeks, but no great pai!
lots of pain like a knife falling on your penis. the pain lasts for days but the circucision takes minutes.

Circumcision, does it hurt, for how long, how long is the process?

Circumcision, does it hurt, for how long, how long is the process? Please help, I'm really scared, i have to get it done, be honest, does it hurt, what do they do, what do i do when im there, how long is the process

my mom was saying there's a ring now they just roll it up and the ring holds it? is that true

If you're freaking out about it, you should know that it's not necessary. There are now evens Jews against circumcision (there's an organization called that way, too) and such. At 15, nobody can force you down to get it done; that would be abuse and you can get the law involved.

First, read up on the risks that circumcision carries.

Circumcision = loss of sensitivity study,2933,2855...

Higher erectile dysfunction rates after circumcision:

When women didn't know what penis they were dealing with (circumcised or uncircumcised) 9 out of 10 preferred uncircumcised (study).

Foreskin anatomy and function (keeps the glans soft and protects it, etc).

Circumcision is extremely painful.

The USA is the last advanced nation doing it, but rates have fallen down from over 90% in the 1960s to as low as 21% here in California currently. From CNN:

Circumcision was actually promoted in the USA at first to stop masturbation (in hopes of it being tight enough to require lubes and not have skin to slide since the foreskin is already moist)

USA = highest HIV rates in advanced nations (and highest circumcision rates). CIA statistics:

Worldwide circumcision rates:

And discussion of common circumcision benefit myths and discussion of all the risks that can develop over time and negative side effects (buried penis, meatal stenosis, etc):


Afterwards, if you do not want it done, use those links to explain your reasoning to whoever wants you cut. After all, religion is about believing, not about what you have or don't have.

Third of all, the pain lasts about two weeks, especially during erections according to one of my friends.
you get it done when u are born... why would u do it now? it probably would hurt
ya its probably really gonna hurt! thats why its mainly done when your a baby.
Oh, don't be scared. It won't hurt. They will likely use a general anestetic instead of just numbing the area. They will cut off the foreskin that is attached to the penis. The ring she is talking about will go over the incision so it can heal. It will be sore for a few days and then in about a week, all healed. It's too bad that she didn't have you circumcised when you were a few days old. Then you wouldn't have to go through all of this worry. You will be fine. Trust me.
if they do numb you, it shouldn't hurt, my son got circumsized a few months ago and he didn't feel anything, i was in the room when they did it, if took about 15 minutes, they cut your skin, to expose the head of the penis and then cut the extra skin off, and then the ring is to hold your skin back together for the healing process. I put neosporin on it for a few days and it healed really well. He didn't even cry after the anestetia wore off.
Why do you want to do it???

I had it done and it does not hurt that much, it may ache a little the first days, but it's not pain, it's more like a weird feeling. The procedure is very simple and quick, you'll be out of the clinic a couple of hours later. It will be swell up, a lot... but they are going to medicate you so you won't feel to much pain... you have to wash it daily and keep it wraped for a couple of week... you'll be fine around a month later, depends on your healing process... You have to be careful with the underwear because the rubbing might bother, you will have to get used to it, the first couple of months I stopped using boxers and changed to briefs, it's more comfortable while you get used to it... Afterwards, you will enjoy "it", it's better looking and cleaner!
don't get it done. It makes your penis less sensitive, looks worse and can cause lots of problems. people who say you should have had it done as a kid, YEA RIGHT. great idea, removed a important piece of your sons body without anesthetic and without his OK. Why? because some people have been brainwashed into think it is cleaner. Haven't they heard of washing? I wash mine everyday and have never had anybody say it smells or is dirty.

A guy at work chose to have it done at 19yo because he was talked into it and he regretted it. It hurt like hell for weeks and now he said he is starting to loose sensitivity already after only about 5 months. also he said sex isn't as good because the foreskin used to slide up and down the shaft when wanking or intercourse and now it doesn't, it is just skin on skin rubbing.

Circumcision, do they take the entire skin off or just the tip?

do they take the entire skin off or just the tip

how painful is it

im a 15 year old

and i have to do it for religious purposes

i dont want pictures, they'll just scare me
They take the tip off... and it is sad for you to do it now
Just the tip
Just the skin that covers the glands (head) of your little man. It will be a bit of a painful surgery at your age, but you'll handle it. The Head will be really sensitive at first- it's use to being covered with skin.
Just the foreskin, which is the skin surrounding the head of the penis.
For religious circum, they may take a bigger piece (tight circum) anyhow, it is not much painful.
They completely peel the skin off your penis.
just the end so that the head of the penis is showing. how painfull? i dont know i've never had it done. i wouls guess it hurts quite a bit, i mean. its delicite down there lol
A righteous God does not require a person to undergo bodily mutilation -- this is the interpretation of fallible humans, not the will of a loving God. What country do you live in? Is there a relative you could go and live with who is not so religious and would protect you? It is simply not right for this procedure to be forced on you! If you do something out of fear rather than wanting to do it, that cannot be pleasing in the sight of God, even if (which I doubt) God would want you to desecrate your body, which is perfect as it was made. Try to at least get a delay so you can consider what other options you have.
total removal of penis HURT LIKE HELLLLLLLLLL
I'm sorry to hear that - especially since most religions remove it at birth, so I have no idea why they are requiring it at your age. I'm afraid it will be painful for a week or two while it heals. Sadly, you will also have less sexual feeling - but if you are required to do it and WANT to, then that's up to you.

They will remove the mucous membrane area - this is the nerve rich fold of skin that covers the head.
Don't worry, they cut the whole penis off.
dude. if you're gonna do it


duh they dont take off all the skin

that would be WRONG

do you want a skinless penis?

scroll down a tiny bit and see the pictures

its not obscene. just look
In a circumcision they remove the foreskin that normally covers the glans (penis head). There are several different ways to circumcise actually; some remove mostly the "outer foreskin" whereas others remove both the outer and "inner foreskin." A circumcision doesn't remove all the skin off the penis, but it removes more than "just the tip."

I know you don't want pictures, but you can look at the links (try to ignore the pictures) so you know what might be done and what're your "options."

As to the pain (I'm assuming this is all in a hospital), they'll give you a local anesthetic injection into your penis (that part will hurt) so the area's numb for the actual procedure. Afterwards you take painkillers to take the edge off the pain. From what I've heard/read, most of the post-op pain comes from erections pulling on the stitches, which can be quite painful depending how much skin is removed. Also, the glans will probably feel oversensitive and it may take a month before you either get used to the sensitivity or for the glans to desensitize to the point where it's bearable.

You're freaking out way too much about this, and posting a lot of questions. You need to take a breath and calm down. You mentioned in a previous question that you were Muslims, but don't most Muslims get circumcised at a younger age than you are now? In any case, circumcision isn't absolutely 100% necessary in some branches of Islam, though most Muslims are circumcised. Since you're panicking so much, you should research further whether or not it really is 100% necessary or if there's some condition.
don't get it done. it is not necessary and will make sex worse and looks yuck. check out the web and you will find out. You will have a less sensitive head and the operation can cause serious problems. Nature/God put it there for a reason so it is best to leave it there. 80% of the world men still have their foreskin
Usually they take enough skin off so the glans penis is fully exposed. I had my circumcision done when I was 28 years old and it was totally pain free - even in the days after I had absolutley no pain whatsoever - not even a little bit of discomfort. You don't need to worry - a check up with the denist is far worse!
nope they skin the whole thing and save it up for transvestites that want a penis

They take it from the tip research it you'll get pictures to :P eww
your 15 and you are going to do it? They usualy do it at birth, what kinda religion do you have, a cult? Boy, I can tell ya right now, the reason they do it to babies is because they are younger and wont remember it happend. You are goin to have nightmares for the rest of your life. sorry

Circumcision Survey?

I Have a survey so please tell me if you are circumcised and tell me where you are from
I'm not circumcised and I'm from California, USA.

If you're looking for general data, you can find it in multiple links. The USA is the only advanced nation doing it quite a bit, but it's quickly falling. In some states the rates are as low as about 20% like in California. CNN carried that story.

Worldwide incidence of circumcision:

CNN's 'circumcision decline' story:

Jews and Muslims carry it out for religious reasons (not all, but most).

And if you're looking for more in-detail statistics from the government (like by race, state, etc) you can find that here:
nope, salisbury, UK

- weird survey!
Never was, never will be . . . Pennsylvania
Yes. Wyoming
yes,(at birth) north carolina

however, what made you establish this survey?
yes i was in south africa, i am glad my parents elected to do it
We strongly recommend that, if physicians dissuade parents from having their infants circumcised, they must give those parents the information concerning hygiene and the slow natural separation of the foreskin from the glans.
I am circumcized and im from P.A.
Circumcised. Pennsylvania, USA
I am circumcised and love it
Not circumcised. Michigan.
yes, REpublic of the Philippines

it's part of our culture here, even gay guys do it
yes, Chicago
NOPE, West Indies ( the Caribbean for those who don't know)
Personally I would rather it be that way
no, illinois, but born in puerto rico
from Australia. Natural, normal uncircumcised penis and proud of it. never had a problem with it and all the girls i have had sex with love it
No, natural the way I was born. I live in Australia.
I was circumcised at birth in N. Mich, but now I'm from S. E. Va.
Circumcised and live in Australia but it was done in Hong Kong... I was born there
not, california
yes new south wales
Mutilated, from North Dakota
Yes, I wasn't done at birth, but now i am and i love it.
No, but I happen to know many sexy people who are circumcised. For example, my friend's brother, Jan, who lives in New West. My friend's VERY sexy cousin, who lives in England, my teacher (who I would particularly like to suck) and who lives in Vancouver, etc, etc. I also know many guys who are not circumcised, but are equally sexy. I believe that it is unimportant whether a man is circumcised or not, all that matters is the length (I prefer them at least 7").

Circumcision concern?

I am 21 years old and I had an operation for a circumcision on Thursday. However I am very concerned about the outcome. My first concern is the edge of the newly cut skin. Around the edges of the skin, where the foreskin had been removed, this area above the stiching has turned out the way - is this normal? My second concern is, the cotton swabs that I have been using to around my penis last night got caught on some of the stiching and consequently removed some of the stiching at the front of my penis. I think it was only one or two stiches however this has left the newly cut skin at the front of my penis slightly loose or about 1cm. Will this cause any problems, or will this heal itself ?

I hope I have explained myself well enough, and I would really appreciate if you could help relieve some of my concern.
it takes time, i had a dorsel cut (down the middle, so i could keep the foreskin) call your surgeon! (for care)
you don't need to worry as this is normal after a circumcision. A friend of my brother had it done due to an infection he had contracted. After the procedure, everything is normal and he has been in a new relationship for over a year now. Doesn't seem to be having any problems. Actually, Doctors say that to be circumsized is better since men seem to get fewer infections when they are circumsized.
You are making me clench my butt in anticipation of pain. Stop talking about that at once!

It is hard to imaine that you have pulled stitches out. These either are the dissolving kind .. or the kind you go back to the doctor for him to remove. If the latter, you should go and see the doctor now, if they are the disolving kind.. then dont worry about it.. keep bathing... and stay away from cotton wool. ouch.. why am I crossing my legs?

Nothing you described sounds unusual to me, by the way, but I am not sure what you mean when you say "this area above the stiching has turned out the way".
The "hood" of the penis is sometimes removed entirely, and in others only a portion is removed.

It sounds like you have the latter. It also sounds like normal healing, and there is nothing at all to worry about.

All of the skin and tissue is very flexible. Urination might be a bit painful initially, and because most males experience a partial or full erection when waking you might also experience a momentary pain due to the expansion and the resultant pressure on the stitches.

All of this is temporary. It will heal quickly and you will not notice it all in the future.
The area where the foreskin is removed will become swollen and raised until it's fully healed, and sometimes even the scar that remains is a little raised. This is normal and just depends on how your body heals.

Be careful about pulling out the stitches. One or two might be okay, but if you rip too many out before the wound's fully healed the would could reopen, and that would be not only painful but incredibly messy and more difficult to repair. You'll need to try to avoid touching the area until it's fully healed (usually in 2-4 weeks).
if you are concerned talk to your doctor that did the surgery.

Also may I congratulate you for making such a good choice. It is much healthier to be circumcised and it looks better, no question or debate about that

Cialis and muscle pain?

My husband took cialis the other night and woke up with a really bad headache which is now gone, but he has alot of pain in his leg muscles. Has anyone had this and is there anything to do about it? I have tried massage but does it just have to go away by itself? Thanks for any answers you can give me.
Ask the doc. Such medicines have effect on blood pressure.
muscle pain and headache are listed as possible side effects - your hubby might try a smaller dose. BTW Cialis does NOT affect blood pressure unless the patient is on some other form of nitrate drug therapy.
One of the side effects of Cialis is indeed headaches, so that is a normal thing to happen.
As far as the leg pain goes, maybe he pulled or strained a muscle during "play time", if it does not go away inside of a few days have him make and appointment with his doc, leg pain can be a symptom of some other conditions some of which can be serious.
just from my experience most of man who suffer headache or leg pain is somewhat related to high blood pressure. Some case is sensitive but the pain will goes away by itself.
to prevent these kind of disturbance he may reduce the dose (10mg instead of 20mg)

Chop a penis.?

Hypothetical question, if my friend accidentally cut off his penis, will it grow back? Can he get an implant?
He will have to have an "addadictomy"
Re-attachment would be his best bet...think Lorraina Bobbit.
No it wont grow back, and no implants.
Doctors may beable to sew it back on but it will be damaged because of the nerves in the penis.

Your questions are weird.
if/ you/ remember/ there was /a story /a gal /cut off/ a mans penis/ and/ it was/ reattached/ this is true
if that happens put it in ice and rush to the hospital
Well now I'll have strange dreams for sure...

No, I don't think it could grow back, but there probably is appropriate implant, even though I am not sure if he would feel much trough it. Take a finger for example, because basically the two are simmilar in cut matter.
plenty of guys chop the end of (circumsision) even when it isn't needed so maybe this is the same

Circumcision = loss of sensitivity study,2933,2855...

Higher erectile dysfunction rates after circumcision:

When women didn't know what penis they were dealing with (circumcised or uncircumcised) 9 out of 10 preferred uncircumcised (study).

Foreskin anatomy and function (keeps the glans soft and protects it, etc).

Circumcision is extremely painful.

The USA is the last advanced nation doing it, but rates have fallen down from over 90% in the 1960s to as low as 21% here in California currently. From CNN:

Circumcision was actually promoted in the USA at first to stop masturbation (in hopes of it being tight enough to require lubes and not have skin to slide since the foreskin is already moist)

USA = highest HIV rates in advanced nations (and highest circumcision rates). CIA statistics:

Worldwide circumcision rates:

And discussion of common circumcision benefit myths and discussion of all the risks that can develop over time and negative side effects (buried penis, meatal stenosis, etc):
has he thought about girl names.
No it can't grow back and no inplants at all... and this is a scary question
no he has to get it sewed back on and if that did happen hypothetically of course he should go to a doctor
It's no hair buddy!
A surgery will help.
No it will not grow back unless he is a starfish.
no its not like a lizards tail sorry.

China-brush, stud100 or indian -god lotion?

wich will work better as a desentitizer to prolong erection , or what to buy
what is wich do you which
Just think of me but do not touch it no matter how much you want to. ~GL

Chicken pox?

hi there

everyone in my family has had chicken pox- all except me

will i get it??

i was working once in a hall where university students stay and one of them had it, i was a bit scarred but i still went in his room to do a check up on some stuff but i still never got it

im positive i never had it

is that weird? anyone else who never had it and thinks they got their immunity from their siblings??
you can get shots for that now and most likely you did, but didnt realize it, they came out just after my daughter had the chickenpox, in the 80s
Just so you know...the older you are the harder you get other words..if you get them at an older's WAY more painful..sometimes requires hospitalization. You didn't get your immunity from your siblings...your mom just did a GREAT job of keeping you away...if i were you i would ask my Dr about getting the Chicken pox vaccination-yes even at your age-what ever it may be...the older they are-the harder they fall...sorry but that's the truth...hope that helps
your mom should have set you close to your siblings, like that other person said it's a LOT worse when you're older... you won't get immunity from siblings heh.

Chest hair problem...please help!?

I used Veet a few times to get rid of my chest hair. It worked quite well. For the last few times, I used a shaver, and I realized this is not the best way to get rid of my chest hair. It feels a bit prickly now. Will this affect the way my chest feels for the rest of my life... (prickly, etc...). What can I do to make it smooth again...?

Thanks in advance
Your chest hair will eventually grow back and won't feel like stubble anymore. It's always going to grow back though. You can have the hair waxed at a salon which will prevent it from growing back longer than shaving or using a hair removal product. The only way you can get rid of it all together is to have it removed with electrolysis or laser removal. It's expensive. Some women actually like chest hair.
Wax or keep using Veet again.
when you shave, it just comes back thicker and darker. Hair feels prickly when it is first growing back since its shorter. you kinda made a mistake. dont shave again.
i just use good ole fashion shave cream and mach 3 razor man once a week, it grows back prickly, but just keep it shaven and you shouldnt have the problem. when hair grows back it usually gets that way
its honestly normal and attractive for some men to have chest hairs, it make variety for us women,haah! well the solution is for you to apply the baby oil containing vitamin E after you bath, it will make the skin soft, as for the hairs that shall grow back, please leave them. you will find a woman who will love you with your hairs no matter how bushie they may be. do not depress yourselve please. love your hairs and everyone will respect you an them. good luck
use the veet or leave your chest alone, who wants a gay guy with a bald chest, ick
hello, im 14 and i have recently gone to the doctor.

when you shave, it does NOT come back darker or thicker. many people believe this and shave because they are insecure of the amount of hair they have.

i suggest to keep using veet or wax it, you cant just shave once and expect it to be like that forever.
If you shave your chest, it is no different than shaving your face. You need to shave it everyday or else it will become stubble. You probably would be better off just trimming the hair so it remains too long to be prickly. Another option is to let it grow and look like a sexy, hairy-chested man instead of looking like a pre-pubescent hairless-chested 12 year old boy.

Chest hair is SEXY?

There are loads of guys out there with chest hair. I love it! Some girls are all prissy and don't, but guys unless you have a problem with it yourself or you're in a serious relationship, don't change it! Sexy celebs with chest hair: Clive Owen, Daniel Craig, Jude Law, Jack Davenport, Jake Gyllenhaal, Kevin Costner...
Haha I totally agree I really love chest hair, it is very manly and sexy and feels nice, I guess it's good all girls prefer different things because all guys are different, and I'll hook up with you unknownspirits ;-) I'm so glad those celebs don't get rid of their hair, there are some others too.
whats the question?
yes it is.
Mmm, yes, I agree! Not too much though! Then it becomes a bit gross.otherwise heck yeah!
I have chest hair; wanna hook up?

haha, j/k j/k
Yes it is very sexy as long as it is not the "he looks like a bear" chest hair
yeah, but depends on what u like for foreplay, it hinders a few things if u want antipacation
I prefer my men to be bare chested and smooth but have very hairy balls.
i hate chest hair. i dont like when you go to run your hand across his chest and end up in a forest of hair.
I agree, chest hair is soooooooooooooo sexy!!!!
hey, you forgot to mention%26gt;%26gt;%26gt;%26gt;DJjoecruz and thank you. ;)
i don't like it..
it grosses me out.
I agree!
no u should wax it

Chest Acne?

Is it normal to have acne on your chest?! Im wondering cause I have gotten little red bumps on my chest and want to get rid of them. Any ideas?
I have that problem. I also get them on my back. It was really bad when I was younger. I had them all over. It is better now that i am older, but I still get the occasionally breakout, especially after I have been sweating for an extended period of time. The best thing that works for me is to use a brush to clean your chest while you are in the shower. Also, don't let a lot of oil build up on your chest, it will break out immediately. Keep a pretty scheduled shower routine. You may grow out of it, but if you're older than 25, it will probably be like this for the rest of your life.

BTW, don't try to shave your chest or use anything to remove the hair, it only makes it worse. Also, the acne skin treatment that you can use for the face doesn't necessarily work the same for the rest of your body. As for saunas and the like, they are merely quick fixes.
Everyone'd body is differernt. Go visit a dermatologist.
Go to a beach. Salt water and sun will clear it up quite fast. 陌 had the same thing. 陌t's lessened alot since 陌've been swimming and tanning. Also using olive oil soap. 陌 don't reccomend dermatologist because you know they want to make you dependent on their treatment so that they can hook your wallet. 陌 once tried dermatologist and they took 40 dollars every two weeks for a few months and 陌 trusted them thinking they must know what they are doing and realized that my skin was becoming worse than ever. Anyway, try natural treatments, is my advice.
Try Neutrogena body wash. I used to have back acne and this really works. I'm sure it will do the same for your chest. Good luck!!
I used to have the same problem but have found a sauna once a week helps clear your pours, you could try defoliating regulary.
Oh yeah, I noticed I was getting zits everwhere I was growing hairs...
Acne or pimples are usually a result of hormonal changes and an irregular and increased production of oil by the sebaceous glands.Check out for more useful info.
Isotretinoin (accutane) Information %26 it's Side Effects.

Isotretinoin (the generic name for accutane) is used to treat the most severe and disfiguring cases of nodular acne. Most Doctors would only recommend this treatment only after all other forms of acne medication have been tried and proved unsuccessful.

Serious Accutane Side Effects
1. Birth Defects
2. Psychiatric Diseases, Depression and Suicide
3. Central Nervous System Ailments
4. Liver Damage
5. Hearing/Vision Problems
6. Accutane Pancreatic Damage

More detailed info on this page:

Information on the development, history and legacy of Accutane.

Cherry Pop?

I heard that when a male has sex for the first time he pops a girl's cherry, and she bleeds. What is a cherry, and why does it bleed for the first time? I'm kinda excited about popping her cherry on my first time! I'm 15 years old, and i'm a virgin just wanted to know more about it.
Popping ones "cherry" is a metaphor for losing ones virginity. And girls do not always bleed when their hymen is broke, in fact it may not even be intact prior to sex anyway. Unless edited by, see the links below.

PS: I don't recommend you be "popping" anyone's "cherry" at your age, however if you are going to do it anyway, ALWAYS wear a condom! ALWAYS!ALWAYS!
They are referring to a girls hymen which is a stretchy piece of tissue that has a hole in it that covers the vagina. Many times this is already broken by sports or something else but if it is not broken then yes a woman will bleed a tiny bit the first time she has sex. There is nothing exciting about breaking a womans hymen.
Well first it is a dirogitory term.

Two most women have broken the hymlin ( or cherry ) well before ever having sex. Do to the fact that being born, learing to walk, riding a bike or even using a tampon for the first time will rupture the thin membrane. All of those actions will cause the membrane to stretch or be pulled.

As far as being 15. Please wait till your married. It's a special gift only given once to a husband from his wife or from husband to a wife. It isn't something to be taken lightly as there are many consequences that can happen, but also great joy can come of it if used properly between a husband and a wife.
Dude you need to wait just a little longer to be popping any ones cherry... however I think it's a good idea for you to know what happens. Girls have this piece of skin called a hymen in their vagina's that you have to "break" or "tear" through in order to be completely inside. It does hurt quite a bit if she isn't aroused and not ready. It would really help her if you went slow... used lube... and made sure she was ok the entire time. There is some blood nothing major and she probably won't enjoy herself that first time. If you don't want to be a total jerk you should make sure you help her out the next time. It gets better for the girl after the first few times but it is your job to make sure she's having as much fun as you are! Remember to always be safe!!
well that all depends on the girl actually but to be more specific a cherry is the hymen inside a females vagina. When it is broken or "popped" blood that may be sitting behind it is released this happens during intercourse only if the hymen is not broken. But it is possible to break the hymen by other means such as exercise (on the females part of course)
Hey you need to stop having sex! You need to pay Attn to your school books! and you should get MARRIED or wait to do it!

What a dumbass..
the cherry is a girls hymen and when she has sex for the first time it breaks and bleeds some girls even though they are virgins dont have hymens becuase they already broke them during excersise or tampons
there is no such thing as a cherry, however the hymen is a tissue inside the vaginal opening which when broken bleeds and sex is one thing that breaks it, but so can riding horses a lot, moto cross, etc, good luck finding a virgin

Chemistry question (sex)?

When you eat sweet and acidic fruits it makes your semen smell better. Is this because the acidity eats away at the putricine? And if that is true then couldn't eating more acidic foods(like mountain dew) lower your sperm count because it eats away at part of the semen?
No, your digestive system takes care of foods, they don't directly impact your sperm or seminal fluid. Your own stomach produces much more powerful acids than mountain dew or any other stuff you drink. Your food is fully broken down into components that can be carried by your blood. Plus sperm that is ejaculated with each load of semen is 2 or 3 weeks old, it is not produced and ejaculated immediately, it must develop and mature. So even if it was true, you would have to drink the soft drink a couple of weeks before you had sex. Another silly urban myth.
Enough yellow number 5 can decresse sperm count for short periods.

Thats all I know.
not enough to bank on as birth control by any means though.
That sooooo does not really work. Trust me, I've tried it, and all it does is build up false hope- also, we dicussed it in my cellular bio class and my prof said it had been disproven (very fun class).

Cheap Viagra?

I have read there are quite a few suspect suppliers of Viagra , Which are reputable companies.
No Problems...
But I have been ripped off before with another company based in the US.
im in the UK and have used
fast delivery and good prices...i got the apcalis tabs they work very very well
Never had problems with

Changes in, well, "power"?

When reaching the "ultimate moment" I used to have what felt like more volume and more power (it would shoot farther). Now, it seems to be slightly less volume and only about 1/2 the distance, sometimes less. Also noticed that "the boys" don't hang as free -- tend to be tighter up against body.

Any causes for such changes?
You have reached the age where the changes you mention occur. I would not worry about any of them. Shooting a shorter distance, shooting a lighter load, and having your balls be closer to your body is normal. Relax and stop worrying. Good luck.

You didn't say how old you are, but I am in my 50's and I started noticing the reduced power about 5 years ago or so, and it continued to decrease, really concerning me. I also started taking Propecia for hair loss and then it really started to decrease. It feels the same. I think it is just age pal.
I agree. But I think it is the result of aging.. by this I mean reduced testosterone levels.. I suppose you are finding it harder to keep the weight off your tummy too, feeling tired.. etc. Get a blood test for testosterone levels... and see if you can get those boosted.

I don't know about your testicles being tighter.. that doesn't correlate with my experience so far. For example.. how many old guys do you see at the beach wearing their speedos? They always seem to manage to let one testicle fall out don't they? Hanging free. Lol.

IF the guy above is a reasonable indication, you and me both better get it checked.. we might only have a few good years left before we are down to an occasional splatter :-(
Age gracefully.

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