Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Danish men, does anyone know...?

does anyone know if men from denmark are hung well? the question came up as my friend and i were talking about people of different nationalities and their sex lives. It sounds silly, but i would like a response from anyone that has had experience with someone from denmark or is fromm denmark. plz answer honestly. thx
Guys from Denmark living in the USA may be mostly circumcised, but in Denmark circumcision is almost unheard of, just like in the rest of Europe and Japan (the USA is the last advanced nation doing it a lot, but rates are as low as 21% like in California).

I have a Danish friend (female) who claims her boyfriend (also of Danish nationality and uncircumcised) is well endowed down there.

Overall, I've never heard of Scandinavian men being small down there.
If u care to know, men from India are hung well, sorry about Dan. I dunno!
It is not true
We are predominantly circumcised and of average proportion. I'm a blonde w/blue eyes (178 cm) 5'10' with a (21.5 cm) 8.5 penis, (77.11 kg) 170 pounds, hope this answers your question

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